Face Wash for Combination Skin

Face Wash for Combination SkinPeople with combination skin may experience the problems of both oily and dry types of skin. You will notice this especially on the skin of your face. Some parts may become flaky and dry while others are oily, and may be prone to acne.

Your body naturally produces more oil on the forehead, the nose, and the areas around your chin and lips. This area forms the shape of a “T”, which is why it’s often called the T-zone. The rest of your facial skin may have less than adequate oil production, and will remain drier.

Face cleansers that work best for combination skin

Since your face has some over-oily places and some that are dry, it’s difficult for you to find products to properly care for your skin. Finding suitable face washes can be a problem, too. Since face washes are targeted for specific problem areas, the one for oily skin will dry out the already-dry areas by removing the oils. The professional people over at www.monicasbeauty.com recommend Proactiv Plus. Similarly, dry skin face washes won’t clean the excess oil from the oily parts of your face.

Face washes are available for combination skin, and you can find them in cosmetic stores and online. These products are made to clean the excess oil of the T-zone without causing the dry parts of your face to become drier.

Face washes for combination skin need to be well-suited for both oily and dry skin. Check the label to be sure the product you select will work well on both types of facial skin.

Home-made face washes for combination skin

Since combination skin face washes may be hard to find, you’ll be happy to know that you can make washes at home that will care for both types of skin. Mix three to four lemon juice drops with two or three teaspoons of honey. Massage this into your face very gently, using circular motions. Use more on the T-zone.

Massaging this mixture into your skin for three or four minutes will help to clean both dry and oily skin. Use warm water to wash your face. This mixture will help to keep your face fresh and moisturized for hours.

An oatmeal and cucumber wash can also be useful for facial skin. Mix a cup of oatmeal with one half cup of cucumber juice. Mix these together until the consistency is paste-like. Rub small amounts into your facial skin with circular motions. Keep this up for two or three minutes. Then rinse your face off with warm water. The keeps oil and dryness at bay for three or four hours.

Milk and gram flour help to clean combination skin. Add one teaspoon of milk to one tablespoon or so of gram flour. Mix these ingredients together until the consistency is like paste. Apply this gently onto your face. Leave it sit for a few minutes and then rinse off with warm water.

Other helpful things for combination skin…

Even if you use effective face washes for combination skin, you can also take other steps to keep your skin healthy. Drinking plenty of water will help to clear away toxins. A healthy diet with lots of vegetables and fruits will add to your overall health, and to that of your skin, as well.